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Yoga is to unite our body, mind and spirit together.  It is classified into 5 koshas (layers of body) as listed below :

1) Annamaya Kosha (Physical Body)
2) Pranamaya Kosha (Body of Energy)
3) Manomaya Kosha (Body of Mind and Emotion)
4) Vijnayanamaya Kosha (Body of Wisdom & Intuition)
5) Anandamaya Kosha (Body of Bliss, connection to spirit)

Disconnection of any of them will be cause of illness.  At ANANDA, we provide different classes to accommodate different needs.

PHYSICAL body - There are a wide variety of asana (physical posture) classes such as Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Satyananda Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga...etc. to energize the body and to release the stress and toxin from the body.

ENERGY body - There are different pranayama classes like Asana & Pranayama, Yin & Pranayama to improve breathing capacity and to activate dormant center of the brain.  It helps the brain to function efficiently and generate more idea. 

MIND & EMOTION body - Classes like Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Balance will help to cultivate the emotion and balance the mind. Bhakti class is good to release our emotion through chanting, it creates a passion and energy that lift us above our thoughts, all negative energy will be gone.

WISDOM & INTUITION body - Yoga talk and lectures, yogic counselling will enable a deeper insight in ourselves.  Through different types of relaxation and meditation techniques, the wisdom  and intuition sphere in us will be activated and explored.
BLISS body - When all the above 4 layers of body have been taken care of, the state of physical, mental and social health will be enhanced. It will automatically connect to the spiritual body, resulting in contentment with a drop of bliss (Ananda).

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